Blair Wallin
CEO // Founder

Blair is an audiophile who fuses his passion for quality sound with his ability to build a strong, dedicated team. He believes that people are a company’s biggest asset, and invests in cultivating a culture based on camaraderie, respect, and a shared obsession with all things tech.

An economics major who was left uninspired by a career in finance, Blair went on to explore more fulfilling work at an ultra high-end audio manufacturer. While there, he amplified his expertise in international business, product development, and luxury customer service. When the company moved out of state, he decided to stay in his home state of Massachusetts to begin a chapter in his career.

Blair started Koncerted with a strong belief that service in the interaction industry is often an afterthought and the future needs of audio/video industry are vastly different from the past. Over several years, he conceived the idea of Koncerted, a white-glove, product-agnostic consulting and integration firm that serves both residential and commercial clients. Today, Blair focuses on continuing to build a world-class business where people love to work and strive for perfection.

Matt Gineo
COO // Partner

Matt has a distinct advantage when it comes to low-voltage construction management and integration, with a diverse background in architecture, electrical engineering, construction, and IT. His ability to speak to people on every level—from workers in the field to owners—using examples and terminology native to their industry allows for a high level of efficiency and coordination.

Matt has a proven record for finding the best teams and extracting their full talents, as well as leading those teams to success. Quality, schedule, budget, and safety are his top priorities, which ensures that each facet is given equal attention during all stages of a project.

Dedicated to helping Koncerted become a worldwide leader in low-voltage project management, Matt is a key player within the company. He’s involved on every level of the consulting process, including reviewing bids and design plans, defining best practices, and reporting to project executives. He’s also a regular presenter at industry events, has an instinct for teaching others, and works hard to help us win bids and successfully complete exciting, innovative projects.

Elizabeth Woods
Senior Vice President // Operations

Elizabeth is a process-driven executive whose goal is to ensure efficient, effective day-to-day operations, both internal and external. She keeps the whole team in order, deftly running operations so that field staff can do their best job serving clients.

Orchestrating an organization with many moving parts is a skill to which Elizabeth is uniquely attuned. Formerly a director of operations at a charter school, she found early on that she had a propensity for developing systems and facilitating others to do great work.

Seeking a supportive company culture and room to grow, Elizabeth found Koncerted and immediately felt like part of the team. Every day, she is on the frontlines helping us provide the highest level of service without missing a beat.

Elizabeth was recognized as the “Most Valuable Professional” at the 2019 PRISM Award’s Gala.

Sean Cote
Senior Director // Business Development + Marketing

Sean has the drive and energy to help propel Koncerted into its next era. Dedicated to business development, he thinks several steps ahead to secure competitive contracts and establish a strong brand that reflects the trust and expertise for which we’re known.

His tenure at Koncerted began with an internship, which evolved into a full-time role. Sean currently holds a seat on the board of directors of the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston, which also awarded Koncerted a member of the year award.

Sean has played an integral role in helping Koncerted grow to its current size, and looks forward to pushing benchmarks even higher. He’s also been a key player in getting us involved with various associations, as well as charities to which we donate time and resources.


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