Home Automation Solutions

Luxury homes today have systems that are integrated so seamlessly within a space that they’re barely noticed. Controlled by voice commands, custom-made panels, or mobile devices, modern home automation technology performs when and how you need it.

Entertainment, lighting, shades, and surveillance systems are just the beginning. We create harmony through technology, which means giving our clients a full array of options to customize their home systems, from personalized control panels to hidden televisions.

Our residential clients rely on Koncerted to integrate and customize these complex systems for their homes. Here are some examples of what we’ve achieved for our clients

Home Theater

Home theaters today make big movie theaters seem obsolete, with lifelike resolution, immersive surround sound, and seamless controls. We will help you determine what’s best for your needs, whether you’re upgrading a current setup or starting fresh. Hidden speakers behind built-in screens, acoustic panels to shape the sound, and a simple intuitive iPad control to allow you to quickly find your favorite movies or series. Plus, we always think about future-proofing so that all systems are easy to update when the time comes.

iPad & Home Voice Control

Smart home controls make all your systems intuitive and easy for the whole family to use. Taking your individual preferences into consideration, we’ll create a central iPad control for your home theater, lighting, shades, and fans. Voice control lets you easily adjust the mood in any room. With the various smart devices on the market, our solution allows for those devices to be integrated into the larger system.

iPad Demo(Desktop and Tablet view only)

Home Networking

Your home network infrastructure is becoming more and more essential as devices become increasingly dependent on internet connectivity. Make sure it’s secure and stable with help from our experts. We can help ensure your network security is fully up to date, keeping your family’s data safe. With remote monitoring and troubleshooting available, you have access to support around the clock.

Whole Home Audio

Nothing brings a home to life quite like premium audio. We’re obsessed with finding inventive ways to give our clients custom audio solutions that anticipate their needs and enhance their lives. Your whole home audio—from the sound system in your kitchen to your home theater—is in good hands with our technicians. We choose products according to your current and future needs, and our brand agnosticism ensures you never end up with a fleeting trend installed in your home.

Lighting Design & Shade Control

Automated lighting and shade control make each room more comfortable and intuitive. We’ll work with you to find lighting control designs that intelligently illuminate every space. Our team will even educate you on how your lighting system can ease pain points and enhance the purpose of a room. Motorized window shades are an efficient way to capture natural light at its peak, and give you privacy at the exact moment you need it. For summer nights on the porch, motorized bug screens help keep out unwanted guests.

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